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Parents are responsible to provide food for their children, and to inform the office if their child has any food sensitivities (Nuts, milk, gluten, etc.).

A microwave is available in each classroom to heat lunches.

FNCS does not have the facilities to provide a traditional hot lunch. As an alternative we currently order-in pizza twice a week, and offer a choice between hot dogs or nachos for a hot-lunch option on a third day.  Cost of pizza is $2.25 / slice.  Nachos and hot-dogs are $1.50 each.  Other chips and snacks are also available.

If you are interested in children’s nutrition and/or coordinating a more nutritious option, please see the Involvement Opportunities page.  We welcome parental input and cooperation in our goal of seeing children grow strong in soul, mind and body.

Also, if you have a favorite send-to-school lunch that you’d like to share with other parents via this website, please email it to us. We might even post it on the blog and begin creating a pool of experience to encourage us all.